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Glenda Carpenter is a licensed real estate agent with REALM Properties, LLC, TX Broker License No. 0526923.


Brokerage Overview

The founders of REALM Professionals owned and operated two national franchises before deciding to open their own operation. Although REALM has been around for nearly 24 years, it was only in 1997 that REALM Professionals began accepting associates into the company.

Since that time REALM Professionals has enjoyed a consistently impressive growth from 3 agents to now over 800 agents in the corporately operated Houston Metroplex area. For the most part, this growth can be attributed to the integrity of the senior management staff and the brokers and associates. Another reason that we have seen record growth is the technology we provide to our agents and their clients that make the transaction process as simple and fulfilling as possible.

With our proven track record, REALM Professionals began franchising the concept in May of 2007 by opening our first franchise in Austin, Texas. Our unique concept has allowed us to create the same networked structure provided by the traditional national franchises, without having to collect numerous fees that either get passed on to the brokers and agents, and then subsequently onto the clients, or that prohibit the brokers and agents from putting money into direct advertising dollars for our clients properties and not into franchise fees.

REALM Professionals trademark and motto "Good People Doing the Right Thing!" is more than a slogan. It is the very essence of how we expect our operations to be run when dealing with clients, cooperating brokers and agents, and other industry professionals. When you deal with one of our associates, we insist that all parties be treated fairly and with respect.



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